The Observer collection aims to encourage travel by imparting a perpetual feeling of home through style & ritual.

Functionally, and stylistically The Observer collection reflects on a lifetime of travel, from austere military campaigns to the height of luxury, while constantly looking forward to a world where the creative elite travel continuously.

Robert Spangle is a photographer and designer, his work concerns the study and pursuit of Man’s highest form.

Life as a Recon Marine sparked an interest in travel & an experientially rich life. Leaving military service he studied bespoke tailoring at Maurice Sedwell on Savile Row.

After learning jacket, trouser & waistcoat drafting & making he returned to studying design at Otis College of Art and Design, while working as a fashion photographer traveling the world for publications like British GQ, The Rake, Plaza Uomo, style.com, Vogue Online, Vanity Fair, Popeye Magazine, WWD, Refinery 29, & Men’s File amongst others.