Care & Maintenance: The Whisky & Papa Wallets

  Observer Collection’s two wallets, the Papa Passport & Whisky wallet have proven to be the hardest-wearing designs of the entire collection, & the ones that show the greatest variety in patina. 
  Wallets receive more constant use than any other EDC item, & frequently less maintenance & care than they deserve. let’s fix that…
  Unlike the larger Observer bags I recommend only using Saphir Mink Oil when cleaning & treating either the Whisky or Papa. Anything heavier is going to gum up leather & negatively affect the leather’s natural ability to shed moisture, a concern with anything worn so close to the body. I recommend a light coat & cleaning every 6 months.
My whisky wallet going on more than 2 years of use
  More so than bags, wallets also need a thorough cleaning, it’s worth emptying out card slots & pockets, & paying extra attention to cleaning the suede portions of each wallet, as well as the seam & sew lines. Dirt and debris accumulated in pockets collect in the folds & seams of a wallet & can break down both stitching & leather with time. For cleaning suede I recommend Saphir’s suede cleaner.
  The Papa & Whisky wallets each have hand-painted edges. With time & use these can peel, but they can also just as easily be re-painted. If you notice the edge painting starting to peel it’s worth trimming it back gently to prevent further peeling. 
  The Whisky wallet has a unique, first-of-its-kind adjustable shock cord closure. With time the elasticity can diminish in the shock cord, so it’s worth adjusting the knot to increase tension periodically.
Papa wallet 3+ years down the line, with a souvenir matchbox from Kherson
  lastly, how you use either wallet is probably the most important aspect of care & maintenance. The Whisky wallet’s arched central card pocket is angled to fit comfortably in your front pant pocket (facing card end down), in a jacket pocket, bag or around your neck using the included lanyard. The Papa wallet is sized for a jacket pocket or bag. From a longevity & style standpoint, I would never recommend having either in your back pocket, though both are more than tough enough for it.
  Feel free to share any of your patinas or care tips with the Observer instagram page over at @observercollection
  looking forward,
Papa, Whisky & my trusty MKII 300