Homesick Refills

Homesick, & the proprietary Homesick Vessel were designed to be reusable & refillable for a lifetime of scent & service. We now have a second batch of our Homesick perfume from Will Inrig, the Parisian Perfumer behind the scent, & can offer refills again.
From the US & Canada our refill system is straightforward, order a refill & we will send a shipping label for your container to the email you purchased with, return shipping is complimentary.
For refills overseas please email us to arrange shipping your Homesick vessel to us, & it’s return once filled. The shipping purchased at checkout will cover your return shipping.
Much like a white oak barrel in whisky or wine making your Titanium Homesick Vessel will take on it’s own patina with time, if you’ve used another scent in your container besides homesick make sure to rinse it thoroughly with hot water, & further clean it with both dish detergent then medical alcohol. If not you will notice that your refill builds pleasantly on the scent from the first run of Homesick. Upon receiving your Homesick Vessel we can also service your Vessels O-rings & natural silicon stopper as needed, free of charge.
Many Observers have asked about the return of the Homesick Vessel as well, what I can say is we are working on it, & will make these available separate from the Homesick Scent in the future, so stay tuned.

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