OD Bleus

Introducing our first blue denim: The OD Bleu
OD Bleu’s are selvedge & more importantly woven on old, narrow Toyoda looms by Kuroki in Ibara, Okayama prefecture, Japan. The optimistic woad blue hue recalls shutters in the South of France, 70s Wranglers, sun soaked days in Malibu, Kodachrome SEALs patrolling elephant grass in mama-san custom jeans. At 11oz they match the weight & 4-season appeal of the original OD fabric. OD Bleu’s start crisp rigid & clean, but begin to break in across just a few days of hard wear. The first wash (or in my case, Napoli rainstorm) will render them as soft as your favorite flannel, with drape to match. Fades set in after just a few weeks, bleeding is minimal & Bleu’s have been both Sanforized & skewed to prevent leg twists & dramatic shrinking.
OD Bleu’s also bring several other design updates: a full length internal self belt, & bias-cut yolk. The Internal adjustable self belt for greater comfort, fit & minimizes both break-out & shrinkage. The bias cut yolk is based off of prototypes created with Roman Kurmaz & tested in Ukraine. This new first-in-class feature gives the observer in the field greater range of motion in both hips & waist with 4x way natural stretch. Adapting to Selvege fabric our new OD fit has a slightly wider leg & upper thigh for a straight cut silhouette, as well as a slightly higher initial rise to adjust for shrinkage. Best yet waistband & sizing are not effected, so take your regular OD size
This pre-order concludes Feb 12 & you can expect orders to ship march 27