The Hulett Rodeo & Damn Cowboy Belt

To inaugurate the opening of the Damn Cowboy Belt Pre-order I am sharing a rodeo dispatch Junn Bollman photographed & penned, enjoy. 
  Hulett, Wyoming:   The Doc ducked below the entrance and sauntered out of his office. A white pup tent with the primordial Cheyenne prairie for a floor, an old massage table acting as a lame man’s plinth, and the words “Crash Unit” blazing boldly from the side of this triage unit. 
    He exuded the type of sobriety and solemn nature that can force a man to come to terms with himself, not in a mirror but in the respectable gaze of another. I tried to force a smile from beyond the high brim of his cowboy hat but there was no avail. 
    The air horn behind us meant the bareback bronc riders had just ceased their buckin’, thinking myself clever, I asked what the most common injury he treated tended to be….
    “I never see guys on the first day of an injury, it’s always the next day, a week later. You got bucked from your time ( 8 seconds) you’ve been kicked something good, you’re sleeping in the back of your car every 500 miles to make it to the next rodeo. A man’s pride hurts him more than anything. Na, I don’t really see all that gory stuff “ 
    The stale truck stop coffee on my breath haunted that small space between us under the Wyoming sky as we stood there brim to brim. The Doc’s lip never curled for the smirk but the deep indigo in his eyes delivered the prognosis.
    & If you aren’t hitting the dusty trail anytime soon I’d suggest these two Asian takes on the Western film genre: “Life is cheap, but toilet paper is expensive”  & “Tompopo”. More traditional but little know, the ensemble-cast guilty pleasure “Red Sun”, and the delirious Australian film “The Proposition” round out my cowboy rec’s.
    However you might want to place your pre-order for the Damn Cowboy Belt first, we are only making 20 of each!
    See you, Space Cowboys