The Oman Anorak

  The Oman Anorak set is our second collaboration with Kuwait friends & tailors Jabs. The Oman’s technical & sartorial details consummate a silhoute equal parts capable & chic. The most versatile garment from Observer yet, this set is at home at leisure, or in exotic terrain.
7 oz superfine cotton ventile woven in the United Kingdom lies at the center of the Oman Anorak’s duality. While hard wearing, this historic water shedding cloth remains soft & breathable. Softness also extends to the construction details: covert covered buttons are used throughout as they are hard to snag & easy wearing. Ton-sur-ton pyjama piping at sleeves, hem, pockets & hood soften seams even further.
The Oman Anorak top contains 5 pockets, & is designed to function equally worn tucked or untucked, wearing well as a base layer or light shell. Developed over 2 years with Jabs the hidden side seam pockets improve on the classic Kuwaiti design with a pendulum feature that allows them to carry weight with balance. The front Placard pockets design allows large weighty objects to be carried with ease, the two front pockets are sized specifically for the easy indexing of phones. The front placard pocket position sits just below the sternum, allowing pocket function when the Anorak is tucked, a feature refined with testing in Eastern Ukraine.
Testing for the Oman Anorak included: consecutive wear across multiple days of travel by air & train, 10k Urban ruck runs in heavy rain, a week along Ukraine’s Eastern front, balanced with more enviable duties poolside, & AM’s with coffee & a good book in hand.
The Oman trousers are wide cut & with a high, defined, elasticated waistband & lengthy self belt. The ton-sur-ton piping at the trouser hem leads to a split side seam, all of which culminates in a trouser that renders an athletic silhouette if tucked or untucked, in exercise or at ease.
Due to limited fabric we are producing just 40 pairs of Oman Anorak sets, only 3 of which in each size as a full set. This design will never return in this incredible ultralight ventile.
stay sharp,