The Proraso

The Proraso: One of my favorite aspects of travel are the words learned which encompass ideas with no succinct expression in English. 
Galère is one of them. (Gah-lerh for us anglophones)
French slang, derived from Galleon, & used to express an arduous, unexpected & challenging journey.
It’s a fitting description for the process not just of creating the work for Afghan Style, but finding a publisher, creating the book, & bringing it to print. Months of daily meetings, paper shortages, national protests & every other form of delay, slowed but never stalled the process.
The past several weeks have been both a time of heady preparation, & reflection, on the now 3 year long project. Junn cooked up an incredible drink to take the edge off the warmer afternoons & power us through the late nights. Smooth, effervescent, & refreshing it sits somewhere between kyoto cold brew, & velvet coke, all while resting on the lips of a Camel Crush.
The Proraso:
6oz Iced Coffee (I prefer my own 17h slow cold brew)
1.5 oz Fernet Branca (you can be a bit more generous with this)
.75 oz Creme De Menthe 
top off a Tumbler glass with a generous amount of Indian Tonic Water 
+ a slice of lime, or mint, as garnish 
feel free to share your results, tweaks etc with @thousandyardstyle