The Seebag & Pre-Order

Seebag in olive drab Nam color way

The Seebag is both the oldest Observer design, & the one that spent the longest in development. Living out of military kit bags for years, a proper go bag / carry on took on more value to me than perhaps any other design. This is furniture, hearth & home for those on the road.

Handles, weight, efficiency & ergonomics were consistent failure points of other bags, so these became the foundation for the Seebag. The Seebag’s handles are not fixed but adjustable. Firstly, to offer each Observer a perfect fit in all positions, secondly so handles can easily be serviced or replaced & lastly so the handles evenly cradle & compress the carried weight. Each handle is made from pebble grain leather, its compressed nature & texture allows it to break in better than other leathers, taking your shape with time. Handles adjust in length on the Seebag’s bottom with custom Austrialpin aluminum hardware.

Aluminium Austrialpin buckle allows the Seebag handles to be adjusted in length
Aluminium Austrialpin buckle allows the Seebag handles to be adjusted in length

The arc-wedge shape addresses two other frequent failures of weekend bags, small openings & poor ergonomics & weight distribution. The Seebags zipper opens far wider than its base, making organization & retrieval easier. The wedge shape makes the bag exceedingly comfortable and stable against your body.

The Seebag’s inline bottle pocket with elasticated adjustable retention

Pockets & seams are something I avoid. Every seam is a potential failure point. Pockets add seams, & their shape normally confines Observers unnecessarily. The seabag has only two canvas seams on its body, & three in the leather encasing it. It’s one pocket is sized to fit everything from small water bottles to large wine bottles & falls in-line on the same zipper the bag opens with. Through an elasticated adjustable retention system, bottles can be retained even if oversized or without zipper closure. It’s unlikely water will cease to be a necessity to mankind in the foreseeable future.

Carry on / weekend bags fall into two camps: lined and unlined. Lined bags can be easier to clean, but often conceal manufacturing shortcuts, & add weight. Unlined bags dirty easily, and may stand up to less abuse than lined bags. 

The Seebag’s removable liner doubles as a market bag

The Seabag is neither. The Seebag’s removable liner is itself a stand alone market bag perfect for errands, beach runs or as an overflow bag on return trips. Made of carbon laced competition sail cloth, it gives The Seabag a rigid structure without adding noticeable weight. The high-vis yellow is in deference to visibility, both packing in low light & for search & rescue crews should you become lost or very drunk.

The Seebags exterior is laid out to be highly ergonomic & secure in either hand. Through magnetic closure, optional shock cord closure & storable pockets, the contents of the Seebags pockets are your’s & your’s alone. Tucked discretely on the backside of the Seabag is a tone on tone double MOLLE panel. This is ideal for attaching whatever mission specific accessory you may need from a plethora of MOLLE compatible designs available.

The Seebag worn cross body

Carry methods are probably the most important & least considered aspect in weekend / go bag. Most bags sit awkwardly on the shoulder, or worse bang around at the hip or leg level beating you as you race to catch Taxi/train/plane. The wide, malleable & adjustable handles of the Seabag fill your hand comfortably, fit high & securely on the shoulder & spread when worn cross body for incredible comfort & stability.

The Seebag pre-order closes August 10 or when stock is exhausted. 12 Seebags will be available in each color. Seebags will ship out no later than September 7th. Free shipping is included. Should you have second thoughts, or be unsatisfied at any point you may request a refund. If you have any shipping concerns, contact me directly.