The STRO SUIT system

The Sartorial Tactical Reconnaissance Operations system has been 4 years, and 11 prototypes in the making.
11 years ago I fell in love with the singular uncompromising beauty of tailoring: The codified, idealized masculine form. But just as quickly I realized the suit, essentially unchanged in over 100 years, was doomed for the dustbin, service uniform, and fancy dress party if it was not radically re-drafted for the way we live, travel and work today. 
It took 5 years before I had the beginning of an answer.
There is a solid 72% chance you are reading this on the phone you manipulate 300 times a day ( If you are under 25 you can add 700 to that number. ) The STRO SUIT is designed around this modern tool, which now carries inside the waistband, between hip and abdomen, where it can be accessed reflexively without unbuttoning, all with its weight distributed comfortably. 
Your phone, keys, or wallet can all be stored in the two front vent pockets. If you leave home without them I’d suggest you turn around and pack your pockets full: these weighty objects now improve the drape of the suit, falling perfectly on the front button position and center balance of the suit.
We live in dramatically hotter, colder, and all around more un-predictable times than those the suit was first designed for 100 years ago. In motion, in transit, on the go the STRO SUIT system of front vents, and back pleated vents offers dramatically improved ventilation and circulation. In static positions ( the office or at home) under air conditioning the STRO SUIT performs just as well as any other hand made suit. 
This dynamic adaptability means traditional, quality heavy weight fabric can again be used for tailoring, and this is one of the primary reason the STRO SUIT is available exclusively with fabric from Dugdale Bros. No more flimsy, precious, short lived ultra fine fabric, the sturdy, elegant, draped fabric of tailorings founding are now a breeze to wear.
We are now ready to offer this tailoring system in both Double Breasted and Safari format to a few select customers, in a format that will provide for the greatest success, and drive our own refinements: Bespoke, and on a person to person basis, Made-to-Measure. During the “Beta” period our bespoke service is available at our Made-To-Measure price, and our Made-to-measure service available at our ready-wear price. This service includes select fabric from Dugdale Bros, with no substitutions. Dugdale fabric from the Fearnaught, Travel-Air, Travel-Flannel and Lagan Valley bunches have proven themself again and again, everywhere from the Provence to Kabul.
If your interest in visiting our LA Headquarters and starting the bespoke or Made-to-Measure process please reach out to Junn or myself
Stay Sharp,